Welcome to Wood Orchard Market

Our large selection of Food Products gives our guests a variety of options.

Many of our products are bought locally:

  • Pickles by “Sammi Rae”
  • Jams, jellies, preserves and cherry pie fillings by “Dixie”
  • The Best-ever dried cherries and chocolate covered cherries by “CherryLand Best”
  • Our Best Selling “Cherry Salsa”
  • Out of this world “Corn Salsa”
  • Busy Bee Honey
  • Special fruit and maple syrups
  • Many types of mustards with “Cherry Mustard” being the most popular


Also available:

  • Pickled mushrooms and beets
  • Several flavors of stuffed olives
  • Large selection of dressings
  • On the sweet side, canned peaches and country fruit


And of course a variety of snacks, chips, candies and popcorn.


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