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 Honeycrisp Apples  honeycrisp apples

Honeycrisp is the new apple variety that is the talk of Door County.

Honeycrisp apples love the cool climate that Lake Michigan provides Door County. It grows exceptionally well here, developing a red color and big fruit and best of all, a very crisp texture and juiciness with a sweet tart flavor. (Many people actually get a sweetness and tartness at the same time!)

P.L. Elliott just wrote a great article about Honeycrisp apples and Door county that tells more of the story.

 Planting New Honeycrisp Trees

Jim, Steve and Jeff Wood care for our Honeycrisp personally. From planting the young trees through harvesting the crop, the growing conditions are carefully watched.

Honeycrisp Testimonials (Unsolicited)

 Honeycrisp Apples Hi Steve,
I stopped by your market this past weekend and bought a large bags of Honeycrisp apples along with the carmel dip, crackers and jam, all of which I love! For some reason, the apples are even better than last year's crop!!!! And, unfortunately, I didn't buy enough and I would love to get more. Can you ship some to me way down here in Madison? If so, I would be happy to call with my credit card number. Thanks for your help."
- Peggy Haker, Office of Senator Rod Moen

“Help! My husband and I spent last week end in Door County and purchased a bag of your great Honeycrisp apples at the Wood Orchard Market. They were the best - so good, in fact, that I shared them with so many people who also thought they were the best. I only have 4 left!”..............Wisconsin

“We visited your market last September, purchased several bags of your Honeycrisp apples - passed them around in Illinois and Arkansas. All have agreed that these are the best apples that we have ever eaten”..............Illinois

"We like to say that a Wood Orchard Honeycrisp tastes like an apple should taste!"

If you have tried our Honeycrisp, we are interested in hearing your reaction. E-mail us and tell us! If you would like us to ship some Honeycrisp apples to you contact us and we'll tell you when and how.  Honeycrisp on the Tree

News about Honeycrisp will be included in Whats Growing On. Sign on to our Newsletter for current events and the latest on Honeycrisp.

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