Wisconsin Cherries

Throughout history Door County has been known for its growing of cherries. Early history has claimed that Door County had been the highest producer of cherries in the world. It continues with that legacy on a smaller scale today.Cherries Ready for Sale


The popularity of cherries has increased in the last few years because of the research that has been done indicating their great health qualities. Nutrition and health experts indicate that the antioxidant properties of cherries make it a powerful heart healthy fruit.


Dried cherries, along with canned, frozen, and cherry juice are all available at our market. Of course we have all the by-products of cherries too, including jams, salsas, syrup, honey, pie filling and bakery items. Check our “Shopping Cart” for purchasing some of our most popular cherry items.


Cherry Varieties available at our market:

Tart Cherries loaded on the tree  

Montmorency- Known as the Door County tart cherry

  • Tart, medium sized, dark, bright red color
  • Good quality and flavor
  • Clear yellow flesh
  • Fresh available mid July through mid August

Balaton- Later maturing, sweeter of the tart cherries

  • Large and firm with juicy flesh
  • High quality tart cherry
  • Used most often for fresh markets
  • You will find these cherries used in our No Sugar Added Cherry Pies
  • Fresh available end of July through end of August

Sweet Cherry- Firm, juicy, almost black in color

  • Large, and of the finest quality
  • Great sweet flavor
  • Fresh available mid July through end of August

Check out our “What’s Growing On” to find out more accurate dates of this years maturity of fruit.