Welcome to Wood Orchard

Block Wood Orchard and Wood Orchard Market is a family owned fruit farm in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.

Jim and Barbara Wood established the orchard in 1955 after moving their young family to cool Door County from hot and humid St. Louis, Missouri.

Steve and JeffNow Jim’s son, Steve, and grandson, Jeff, work together to grow about 200 acres of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and apples in Door County on the Door Peninsula in Northeast Wisconsin. (Click here for a map of our location).

For many years, McIntosh and Cortland apples were the main varieties in our wholesale and retail business. Now, however, Honeycrisp is the apple that is attracting most of the attention of our fruit growing family as well as our customers!

And now, much of our future planning is centering around another new apple variety. That variety is SweeTango®. As the name suggests, it offers a complex flavor of a sweet and tart sensation at the same time. SweeTango® is a University of Minnesota cross of Honeycrisp (the mom) and Zestar (the dad). We think that SweeTango® has the best characteristics of its parents (like most offspring do!).

In our testing of this variety, it appears to be slightly earlier maturing than Honeycrisp. So SweeTango® may fill an early September niche when people are looking for a premier quality apple and before our Honeycrisp are ready to pick.

When our initial planting of SweeTango® is complete, we should have about 10,000 trees in the ground right here in Door County. Enough apples to supply our retail markets and some for our wholesale partners.

Click on the SweeTango® logoSweeTango Logo to visit this new variety’s official web site.

MarketSteve’s wife, Janice, manages Wood Orchard Market just north of the village of Egg Harbor. With the help of many wonderful people, they work together to bring you a TRULY UNIQUE, TOTALLY DELICIOUS, and VERY DOOR COUNTY shopping experience.

Wood Orchard Market sells much of what we grow, a unique selection of gift items, a large variety of delicious specialty foods, and products from our new in-house bakery.

Our market season is May thru October. Janice and her team look forward to meeting you and helping make your visit to Door County a memorable experience.

Our goal is to make our Market:

Enjoy our Web site. It features much of what we grow and sell as well as what is currently “Growing On” in our orchards and in Door County.